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20th Anniversary Leadership Awards

Information about this award process

2011 Winners:

  • Clinical Practice - J. Harris
  • Research - B. Reid
  • Education/Knowledge Transfer - J. Stone
  • Advocacy - H. Arthur

Rounded Rectangle: Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada

Awarding Body
Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation (CACR), Winnipeg.

Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada, Toronto

To recognize the research of graduate students in the area of cardiac rehabilitation and to reflect CACR's support of their educational endeavours in this area.

Level of Award
There will be a maximum of four (4) $3,000 awards presented annually. At least one award will be to a Doctoral student and one to a Master's student. Award cheques will be made payable to and mailed directly to the student’s institution and reimbursed back to the student in order to meet Canada Revenue Agency charitable requirements.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • student must be a member of the CACR;
  • only eligible to win the award once during graduate studies;must submit a scientific abstract and it must be accepted for presentation at the CACR Annual Symposium;
  • award winners must register for and attend the CACR Annual Symposium and present their abstract in order to claim their award.

Review Criteria

  • strength of research methodology
  • feasibility of successfully completing the study
  • importance and relevance to the field of cardiac rehabilitation
  • strength of the letter of support
  • applicant's potential for continuing to make a valuable contribution to the field of cardiac rehabilitation.

Application Requirements

To apply for this Graduate Student Award, interested students must submit the auto-fill abstract form in English in Word format PLUS:

  1. Completed abstract form
  2. Letter of Application: a letter outlining the student's current research in the area of cardiac rehabilitation and future directions in this field. The letter should be a maximum of two pages in length and must specifically address the rating criteria related to methodology, feasibility, importance and relevance
  3. One letter of reference from a current supervisor.

Download an electronic copy of the ABSTRACT FORM

Download Call for abstracts Form 1 / Form 2

Application Process

Interested students must submit all required documentation prior to the deadline for application. Completed applications should be emailed to admin@cacpr.ca  If you have questions, call Marilyn Thomas  at (204) 488-5854. Contact CACR if you do not receive email confirmation of your submission within 48 hours.


Successful abstracts will be cited in the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation (JCRP) with full abstracts printed online.

Rounded Rectangle: Application Deadline: May 1, 2012  A letter of notification will be sent to successful applications in June. The award will be presented at the CACR Annual Symposium

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